Player-Andrius Banys.186cm (6‘1ft).Point Guard/Shooting Guard. Nationality Lithuanian.Video.

Zdjęcie użytkownika Andrius Banys.

Andrius Banys,1996 April 10th.(21),: 79.5kg (175lbs), is passing first playing style point guard , but If team needs he can create opportunities for himself to score, also aggresive offense minded player , draw a lot of fouls , that makes him score a lot of easy points and make foul trouble to other teams. He have a good leadership, that explains why he won with the team NACA DII, made to the all tournament team and got MVP. Andrius still is working on different aspects in a game it shows that he is one of the most proffesional and hard working prospect on the market. Still young player .Good pick n roll player , can play one on one if the situation asks to do that. Likes to drive at the basket , can finish with both hands at the rim. Can play for two positions PG/SG that gives to any team more choices in offense because Andrius is dangerous also from 3pt line and shooting after dribble/pick n roll. High basketball IQ, coach on the floor and very unselfish player.

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