Player-Arminas Kelmelis.Position Small forward/Shooting guard 195 cm.Nationality,Lithuanian.Video.

Zdjęcie użytkownika Arminas Kelmelis.

Arminas Kelmelis Position: Small forward/Shooting guard Height: 6‘4 ½ / 195 Weight: 88 kg Nationality: Lithuanian Teams:Mount Vernon Presbyterian School, Kedainių Nevezis,Kauno Jazz-Diremta, Hannover Korbjager. Arminas Kelmelis is a left handed wing, after a high school in USA played in Lithuanian top division Kedainiu Nevezis and Kaunas Diremta.Main position is Shooting guard, but can also play as a Small Forward and sometimes can run the point if needed. Very good scorer and a transition player, loves to run to the fast break and drive to the basket. Has some experience playing against Euroleague teams. Good three point shooter, but needs to get more consistant. Has a decent skill set which helps him to get to the basket. Pretty decent rebounder, hustle player always fighting for every ball and always wants to win. Hungry player, spent a couple of years sitting on the bench of a top division team.

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